At Transports J. Solés we possess a passion for transportation and logistics.
Devoting that same energy to projects which power the motor world.
We are also involved in social initiatives that contribute to improving our society and the development of the third world.

Servicios de transporte, logística y almacén en Transports Solés

Participation and sporting success in the 35th edition of Rally Empordà, sponsored by Transports Solés

June 2022

The Rally Empordà has come back again… and even the weather smiled at us in this 35th edition! A total of 115 registered teams, motor enthusiasms as well as plenty of positive energy were what guaranteed the success for this event that Escuderia Baix Empordà (EBE) organized, and Transport Solés sponsored. On Friday, May 27th the technical verifications took place at the facilities of Transports Solés, in Vulpellac. Then, on Saturday 28th the engines started to roar from 10:00 am. […]

Sponsoring the desks for a primary school in Senegal!

April 2022

Transport Solés is supporting the initiative of the Xevi Project “Sponsor a desk”, which collects donations for the École Elementaire Hafia Cette school, located in Kolda, Senegal. The donations, from 65 euros on up, will be used to acquire 26 double desks. Currently, children are writing on concrete bricks. Desks will be built in the area to help boost the local economy. Interested in collaborating with the project “Sponsor a desk”? Make your donation of 65 euros! – CC: ES68 0182 0199 9502 0154 8414 – Indicate your name + phone + “sponsor a desk” – Before the 30th of May The whole process can be followed through the social networks of Projecte Xevi: Projecte Xevi en Facebook […]

Transport Solés extends its collaboration with Project Xevi and manages its transport.

One of the solidarity initiatives to which Transports Solés is fully committed is the Xevi Project, an association focused on the development of the Third World, specifically, with projects in Senegal and Gambia. Presently we are also contributing with our experience in the logistics and transport sector. As of this year, Transport Solés takes care of the collection, storage and transportation of material for the Project Xevi. “We will collect everything donated to the organization, be it sports equipment, educational material, toys, etc. Storing it in stocks within our facilities and, when the time comes, it will be loaded into containers to be sent by sea to Senegal or Gambia”, explained Francesc Xavier Solés, owner of Transport Solés. During the first months of 2022, four shipments of divers kinds have been […]

Transportes Solés envíos internacionales y nacionales

Transport Solés organizes the shipment of essential material to Ukraine

The outbreak of war and the humanitarian emergency in Ukraine have raised awareness around the world, especially in Europe. In Transport Solés we are moved by an inward desire to help in any way we can to improve the living conditions of people, everywhere. That is why we participate in solidarity projects both in our area and in more disadvantaged regions. On this occasion, when the first information arrived of the desperate situation in Ukraine, we set out to put our grain of salt. And how could we be of better help than to organizing […]

Transport Solés provides support to Oncotrail 2022

Transport Solés has been working collaboratively with the Fundació Oncolliga Girona since 2004, when the entity was established. In 2022, we maintained our commitment and became partners with the Serendipity team, which will be participating in the Oncotrail next October. We support two causes that mean a great deal to us: the fight against cancer and the promoting of sports. The Oncolliga Foundation represents a non-profit organization that aims at psychosocial care for people with cancer and their families. Transport Solés supports the foundation by contributing with activities which are held in order to obtain financial help, such as: charity dinners in Girona, solidary games like “Quinas” in La Bisbal or sport events like Oncotrail. The Oncotrail will take place this year on Saturday, 1 of October. Departing from Palafrugell. All participants will travel 100 […]