Transport Solés inaugurates a logistic center in Mexico.

May 2022

Attention to this extraordinary news that we want to share with you today! In Transport Solés… We’ve crossed the pond! We have opened our first logistic warehouse in the American continent, specifically in Mexico.


We have been serving our customers with their import and export operations in Europe for years. In fact, we know the Old Continent like the palm of our hands – our trucks have almost no roads left to explore! Now we want to take it a step further.


“Always attentive to our customers’ needs. We became aware of the difficulty for those exporting to the Americas. Logistics operations on the other side of the Atlantic are not easy. Once the containers arrive at the port, each company had to find a supplier for their transport. They needed a reliable company to take care of the pick-ups,” explains Francesc Xavier Solés, head of Transport Solés.


As you already know: we are experts in finding solutions. So we have opened a logistical warehouse in the city of León, in the Mexican state of Guanajuato. It is strategically located in the middle of the area where our customers export from.


Transport Solés is now in charge of moving the containers to the Mexican ports, there, in León we unload the material, locate and keep it in stock or distribute it by road, according to the need.


High standards in our transportation service


We are not only servicing customers in the ceramic industry in which we have plenty of experience, but also a wide variety of non-perishable goods.


The León warehouse operates with the same high standards of efficiency that apply to our other facilities in Vulpellac, Castellón, Modena and Bucharest. We have the tools, technology and a qualified work force to guarantee an impeccable service.


Dynamism, agility and punctuality, are now available also for our customers in Mexico.


We continue to be near… so that you can get even further!