Transport Solés organizes the shipment of essential material to Ukraine

Transportes Solés envíos internacionales y nacionales

The outbreak of war and the humanitarian emergency in Ukraine have raised awareness around the world, especially in Europe. In Transport Solés we are moved by an inward desire to help in any way we can to improve the living conditions of people, everywhere. That is why we participate in solidarity projects both in our area and in more disadvantaged regions.

On this occasion, when the first information arrived of the desperate situation in Ukraine, we set out to put our grain of salt. And how could we be of better help than to organizing transportation? Which is what we do best!

We arranged the trip of six trucks from Barcelona to Romania, where we have a logistics base, and from there to Ukraine. These transports have delivered all types of humanitarian aid: clothes, non-perishable food such as powder milk, water, medicines, toys, etc. In total, about 550 cubic metres of humanitarian material have been delivered.

“When seeing how the situation was in Ukraine, we moved right away,” explains Francesc Xavier Solés, owner of Transport Solés. “We located a reliable website of collaboration with Ukraine which was our starting point. Then we contacted immediately with the Romanian authorities who were managing aid shipments, working with the Spanish embassy in Romania, the Ukrainian one and directly with the Romanian government,” he explained.”Our goal was to ensure with certainty that the material we transported reached the areas in need,” he added.

We will continue to see how the conflict evolves and the needs of the population in Ukraine, to help with any necessary transportation.