Transport Solés extends its collaboration with Project Xevi and manages its transport.

One of the solidarity initiatives to which Transports Solés is fully committed is the Xevi Project, an association focused on the development of the Third World, specifically, with projects in Senegal and Gambia. Presently we are also contributing with our experience in the logistics and transport sector.

As of this year, Transport Solés takes care of the collection, storage and transportation of material for the Project Xevi. “We will collect everything donated to the organization, be it sports equipment, educational material, toys, etc. Storing it in stocks within our facilities and, when the time comes, it will be loaded into containers to be sent by sea to Senegal or Gambia”, explained Francesc Xavier Solés, owner of Transport Solés.

During the first months of 2022, four shipments of divers kinds have been brought in, from various parts of the Spanish State.

A long History of Collaboration

Project Xevi is one of the solidarity causes with which Transport Solés feels identified and has been collaborating for many years. The association was born in 2003 with the aim of alleviating the shortcomings of the least developed countries in the field of health, education, economic development and infrastructure. All projects are carried out after working, observing and detecting in each situation the essential needs of the areas where we operate, generally in Senegal and Gambia.

So that we could see firsthand and on the grounds the work carried out by Project Xevi, Transport Solés participated in a bicycle route that the association organized in the Casamance area, in Senegal and southern Gambia in October 2021. Francesc Xavier Solés, owner of Transport Solés, took part in it as well.