Transports Solés with music of the Buhos

The best Rock! This is what we experienced in Transports Solés with the musical performance of Buhos in the 10th of July. For one night, Vulpellac provided the setting for a fantastic concert. Eager for music and a pleasant atmosphere among a dedicated audience which were glad to enjoy once again a live show.

Transports Solés has sponsored this concert, organized by the Comissió de Festes de Fonteta. And as always: where there is a problem, we find a solution. Due to the pandemic, the sanitary measures forced us to hold the concert in an enclosure with access control. Our facilities have been the answer so that it could be held in total safety.

It was Impressive to witness the whole assembly of the show “Teràpia col·lectiva”, directed by Albert Pla. The six members of the band led by Guillem Solé gave their all on stage, and the audience was up to the task. The party was guaranteed!

The Buhos show took place as a theatrical performance, with high levels of energy and reviewing the band’s anthems such as “Volcans”, “Birres i més Birres”, “Barcelona s’il·lumina” or “Brama”. They also reviewed some of the hits of their most recent album, like “El Dia de la Victòria”, “Donde se arrodillan los ateos” or “Mil Batalles”.

Thank you all for filling our lives with good music and energy!