Specialist in national and international transportation of goods by road. We serve a wide spectrum of costumers and represent the benchmark in the ceramic sector.


We coordinate the management and transportation of goods and orders. We have our own logistic centers and the technology to carry out an exhaustive surveillance of each and every process.


We offer services for safekeeping, temporary stocking and management of goods for subsequent distribution from our centers in Girona, Castellón, Onda, Modena and Bucharest.


We cover the entire national territory and the European Union. In the Iberian Peninsula, we maintain significant activity in Catalonia and the Valencian Community, transporting all types of materials.

Our regular services include daily routes to the areas of Castellón de la Plana-Valencia and Barcelona-Girona. In addition, both in full loads as well as in specific groups, we work taking into account the two directions of the route to optimize the actions for our customers.

The company has also little tonnage vehicles and vans to guarantee the collecting and distributing of small material.
Our trucks are equipped with Volvo’s latest Dynafleet technology to monitor the loading and unloading processes.

Logistics centers

From our logistics centers we carry out the management and planning of the operations of our departments, including, purchasing, production, transport, storage and distribution


We offer our customers:






Given the way the market has evolved, we have adapted to meet the needs of our customers and have expanded our services with logistics platforms. This allows us to move the goods with maximum speed, and achieve an agile rotation of inputs and outputs.

With this service, we improve the business possibilities of our customers, installing their companies in one of the areas of greatest industrial and commercial development in the Mediterranean, Italy and Eastern Europe.

Our logistics area offers:

  • Management and preparation of orders
  • Storage and handling
  • Distribution of national and international shipments
  • Inventories
  • Computer systems to respond to control needs, such as traceability and stocks
  • Control from mobile devices of any order to offer a prompt response to our customers

Our team consist of highly qualified professionals with much experience in the sector, to guarantee and offer the best solution at all times, both for the handling of any type of material and for the completion of administrative procedures.


We offer the following services from our warehouses:

  • Pupilage
  • Temporary stocking
  • Management of goods for subsequent physical distribution


We dynamically manage the goods, so that our customers can receive them as quickly as possible, always attending to the particular needs and circumstances.


Our warehouses:

Vullpellac, Girona (Spain)

  • More than 1,500 m2 of covered area and warehouse, with a height of 10 m.
  • A paved and fenced area of 20.000 m2.
  • Machinery for loading and unloading docks
  • Fork lifts up to 2,500 kg

Onda (Castellón), Spain

  • Surface area 1,500 m2
  • Loading and unloading docks
  • Specialized in transportation of ceramic material in the Iberian Peninsula.

Castellón de la Plana, Spain

  • Located in Ciudaddel Transporte industrial park.
  • 3,000 m2 of paved surface areas
  • Loading and unloading docks
  • Warehouse of 1,500 m2
  • Specialized in complex logistics operations and international traffic
  • Warehouse specialized in packing and palettizing material

Módena, Italy

  • Covered area of 1.000 m2
  • Asphalted area of 5.000 m2
  • Loading and unloading vehicles
  • Specialized in the collection and handling of ceramics for distribution in the Iberian Peninsula

Bucharest, Romania

  • Land of 30,000 m2
  • Loading and unloading machines
  • Specialized in the movement of wood, logs and ceramics


  • Blvd Vicente Valtierra 7020
    Cañada de Alfaro
    37238 León, Guanajuato

From our headquarters in Vulpellac, Girona, coordination and traceability tasks are managed in a precise and specific manner.

Under the concept of constantly evolving, the objective of Transports J. Solés is to provide each of our clients with an impeccable transportation and logistics service, with direct information, as well as carrying it all out with maximum efficiency.