Traveling to Gambia and Senegal with Project Xevi

At Transports Solés we are always on the move… not only for our customers, but also to help those initiatives that contribute to making this world a better place. We have been collaborating with Project Xevi for several years, an association for the development of third- world countries. This year we have travelled to Gambia and Senegal to give them our support hands on.

Project Xevi was born in 2003 with the aim of trying to alleviate the shortcomings detected in the least developed countries in areas such as health, education, economic development and infrastructure.

This organization seeks to offer a solid structure to training centers and small cooperatives that allow self-sufficiency and independence of the local population. All projects are carried out after working, observing and detecting in situ the most basic needs.

They also work in Catalonia to increment mindfulness about the living conditions and reality of West African countries. To this end, they carry out activities in schools and awareness-raising camps.

Route and projects in Casamance

This year, Projecte Xevi has organized a bicycle route through the Area of Casamance, in Senegal and southern Gambia, in which this NGO concentrates most of its projects. Francesc Xavier Solés, owner of Transports Solés, participated in it as well.

For two weeks, participants have enjoyed the roads, landscapes and people of this area. They have equally been involved in the projects that this NGO has undertaken in the territory: distribution of school supplies, donation of bicycles and other material delivered to cooperatives as well as giving added support to dispensaries and hospitals.

The trip ended in Oussouye, capital of the Department of Usui, in Senegal, where the king of Oussouye, religious and spiritual leader of the Jola, offered a reception to the cooperators of the Project Xevi.